MAPS & FACTS™ UNLIMITED, INC. specializes in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) produced, architectural, driven, based, demographic, education, and real estate maps to:


·         Home Buyers,

·         Brokers,

·         Developers,

·         Attorneys,

·         Lenders


Custom services and databases are available for all 50 states.


In the Metropolitan Phoenix market, Maps & Facts™  has the most comprehensive electronic database including the current and history of the Census Bureau, the Maricopa Association of Governments, Arizona State University, the Maricopa County Assessor, and the Arizona Department of Education, including all sales transactions in Maricopa County since 1973.  


We can map our data or your data by municipal boundary, school districts, zip codes, census tracts, census block group, assessor’s book maps, socioeconomic zones, or custom boundaries such as trade areas, sales territories, and subdivisions.


Our maps are trademarked as PowerMAPS ®.  PowerMAPS ® revolutionized data interpretation by allowing users to instantly visualize hot spots, growth areas, true trade areas and trends.  


Maps & Facts™ is the sister company to The Paul G. Johnson Company, Arizona’s leading real estate consulting and appraisal firm specializing in objective, in depth property and sub market analysis responsive to our client’s business needs, questions, and/or problems.


As seen by our school series we specialize in small area analysis, not by district or city as displayed by most maps.


Our products and service allow the user to understand the entire Metropolitan area first, and then zero in on smaller areas which meet the user’s requirements.

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