Metro Phoenix School Performance Map

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                  Map of the Month – June 2017 

"Big Cities"

On Sunday, June 11 the Arizona Republic published “Can Phoenix ever escape its suburb label?” This excellent article focused on Phoenix as the fifth largest “city” in the US with 1,615,017 residents. The article conveys the common perception that big cities have skyscrapers, trains, and density but also queries if “big equals urban”. While Phoenix is a big city, will it ever be a Philadelphia, Seattle, or San Francisco?

To add some additional perspective, this month’s map suggests that Phoenix will never be a “Big” city. As shown, both San Francisco and Manhattan easily fit within the city limits of Phoenix. Manhattan has 1,643,734 people squeezed in 34 mi.˛.  Phoenix has 1,615,017 people spread over 516 mi.˛. Add the Metro Phoenix land area and population and the idea of Phoenix as a “Big City” is even more absurd. 

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To download map & chart click here: Big Cities (PDF)

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